My girlfriend lied about sleeping with her ex-husband!

My girlfriend lied about sleeping with her ex-husband!

It’s not fair on you!

And sleeping with someone is a very much a choice.

It was her ex-husband and is she trying to use you to get away from him?

How do you feel about it all? Do you want to stay and help her get away from a marriage they couldn’t keep?

You must have feelings for her or else you wouldn’t be here to find validation for her weakness.

You both need to talk to find answers whether you both want to continue to keep your connection.

And since you said she got caught she must have been lying to you?!! Is that okay with you? Can you trust her again that she won’t?

You should be asking yourself if you need to believe her or leave her! You are the one in a relationship with her - you have all the right.

Do you honestly believe that you'll be able to lead an honest and happy life with her in the future - I mean we all strive to make our relationships work but in your case the foundation seems a lot shaky - would it withstand the test of time?

Is it worthwhile to keep loving someone who can’t control themselves and their urges - and lie about it?

Do you from the very bottom of your soul believe that she will never do something of the sort again?

It’s best that you consult a good therapist before you make any life-changing decision on your own - cause with a broken heart we all make terrible messes!

I hope and pray that you heal real soon and come up with a great solution that will make your future-self proud.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With loads of hugs your way 


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