Things a cheater will say to their victim?

Things a cheater will say to their victim?

“I never meant it to happen - it just happened!” he said.

“I still love you and cheating on you was the last thing I wanted to do but it made me realize how much I still need you - pls forgive me” he begged.

"How could you - you promised me that you would tell me before you do anything of the sort" she cried out "How could you?"

“Well lately we’ve been missing out a lot on sex - and I did try to talk to you about it but you wouldn't listen" he paused "so yeah it was just sex - you know nothing else”

Seriously whatever the excuse they come up with, they will make sure the blame is on you - it’s your fault that they cheated on you.

To be in love with a cheater is hell! You are constantly fighting with each other due to the lies and confusion you can never trust this person. You have to constantly deal with anxiety and heartache not knowing what’s going on with your life.

While you go through all this turmoil your cheating partner has been hooking up with their secret lover behind your back.

And once you get to find out about this infidelity you end up being terribly broken and wounded. You try and try to get a closure from your cheating partner but they won’t give you one that would ever make any sense to you. How in the world could a cheater justify their loose behaviour! 

If you choose to stay and listen to all the lies and fabricated tales you would eventually go paranoid.

So if you really want to keep your sanity you should leave them as you have all the right to lead a happy and honest life with someone worthy of your love - rare to find but there are people looking for love and honesty!

Always remember you should never give it until you get it back in return!


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