A man in pain.

A man in pain.


He believes he is the most unlucky guy in this world. Losing his mother to cancer and his wife to another man - both at the same time.

Here is his sorrowful true story:

I can not believe that life could be so cruel. Neither did I ever thought that my wife could ever do such a thing. Sleeping with a man she just met while I was busy taking care of my sick mother who was going through those painful chemotherapy sessions.

My wife blamed me for all that had happened. She said that I was not bothered whether she was happy or not and that I was too selfish occupying each and every fiber of my being trying to save my mother's incurable sickness. 

She reasoned out that I kept her lonely and bored so she needed company - someone who cared to feel her and listen to her needs.

It was the most trying times of my whole life.

I had many a sleepless nights staying at my mother's side. She was in a lot of pain and she needed me. My elder brother who was single was away traveling and my Dad was tucked away at a nursing home due to Alzheimer. I asked my wife to help me in my time of need but she was really busy with her office work and I had to respect her priorities. 

My wife yes I still have to call her that because we haven't divorced. Well she left off with the man and I could not reach her and even with my limited time I went in search but she could not be found.

My mother passed away a few weeks later and I have no recollection of how we arranged her funeral and all, you see I was among the dead too.

I just lost my mind and tried to end my life and my neighbors called the cops to break down my door.

I am on meds everyday and I am in mourning for my mother and for my lost wife. I am wasting away and I do not know what to with my life anymore.


How and where to seek help in the Maldives?

For specific specialist help:

For Emergencies where there is HIGH RISK to the SAFETY of patient or to others:

For emergency support via the Police;

Victim Support Unit, Maldives Police Services

Emergency number 24 hours number: 119

Hotline number: 9770640

*For any emergencies where there is HIGH RISK to the SAFETY of patient or to others, where police assistance is required, the Victim Support Unit provide this assistance.


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