How do I stay focused with a new routine?

How do I stay focused with a new routine?

Have you planned your resolutions for the new year - 2024?

What about your 2023resolutions - how much of it did you achieve?

Stats show that one third of resolutioners don’t make it past the end of January.

Are you trying hard to achieve a goal?

Sounds familiar??!!

Well there’s no sure-fire way to be always be so focused! Besides who wants to go crazy!

So the least you could do is keep your goals realistic, simple & achievable. 


For example if your goal was to be more fit, you should aim for something practically achievable.

I mean you need to specify how many pounds you need to lose (lower body fat) or gain (building muscles) within this year.

And you make it into a workable plan.

Let's say if it's 24 Pounds you need to lose or gain within a year, you need to break it down to how many pounds a month it comes down to?

If you work your math it comes to 3 pounds a month. That's 24 Pounds / 12 Months = 3 Pounds.

Achievable right! 

It's common among most to have this tendency to jumpstart into working out in beast mode, we all need quick results. But we have to ask ourselves is it possible? And we need to be aware of the consequences.

For instance, you would soon find out that fast tracking your results will end you up with sore joints and muscles not to mention the susceptibility to injury.

Stretch marks are pretty common when you rapidly gain or lose weight.

Sudden or rapid muscle gain causes unsightly stretch marks.

Sudden or rapid loss of fat can also give you stretch marks.

The reason is that losing weight rapidly doesn't give our skin adequate time to gradually contract and this results in loose, hanging skin.

Health experts will tell you that it's always good to build your stamina and endurance gradually and be consistent with your goals.



Next you need to gauge what are the types of exercises most suitable for your specific body transformation needs? 

Is it Walking / Jogging or running / Cycling / Weight training / Interval training / Swimming / Yoga / Pilates / Bodyweight / At-home-video workouts / Dancing ?

The best option would be to talk to a personal fitness trainer about how much and how often you need to train to reach your target. There are crucial factors to consider such as your Body Mass Index and which types of exercises are more suitable for your body type.

Now it's time to decide how many hours of workout a month you would need to reach your goal. Break it down to how many days a week and finally, to how many hours a day? 

Is 2 hours of exercise a day too much?

Studies show that obsessive exercising can be unhealthy. 

Experts recommend that an average person stick to existing public health guidelines, which recommend that children and teenagers exercise one hour every day.

As for adults, a weekly minimum of two hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity would be good enough - again consult with your doctor.

So how long does it take to see workout results?

Well for your family & friends to notice a significant change in you, it might take like 12 to 16 weeks. 



We all make mistakes and we need to be forgiving with ourselves.  

There will be days when you are too tired after work to go for a jog - so instead why not go for a walk or maybe do some yoga or stretches? 

Take it easy on yourself - sometimes it may not be good for your wellbeing to exercise while you are sleep deprived or while your body is in recovery after an injury.

Eating right is another important discipline you need to instill and it can take time to get adjusted.

What's more, while you are busy and on the go with your work and life, you don't get the time to prepare healthy food. 

A great option to pack nutrition into your diet is to use a supplement, such as a Flavored protein supplement, one that is simple and easy to use - but again do consult a nutritionist before you try any new supplements!

Protein supplements or shakes not only packs more protein to your diet, you get to enjoy improved health with lean muscles.

We need to consider that each person's individual makeup is unique, thus the rate at which we see changes to our body will be different in each person.

Finally, don’t forget to put an emphasis on planning things ahead and be consistent with your workout regimen, nutrition and recovery.

While you are in this process of achieving your goals, it's equally important to take time to relax and enjoy life.

Follow this simple plan in other areas of your life as well, and see the positive impact it has on your resolutions.

Make 2024 your year..

The year to get things done, the year to finally keep your resolutions. 



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