Maldives set NEW RECORD since reopening of borders in 2021

Maldives set NEW RECORD since reopening of borders in 2021

Maldives tourism continues to bounce back with more tourist arrivals since border reopening. 

With over 900K tourist arrivals as of this year, Maldives records the highest tourist arrivals in a single day on 16th October, 2021, Saturday, with some 6,000 passengers.

This has been accounted for the most number of tourist arrivals in a single day since the Maldives reopened its borders.

The Ministry of Tourism, Tweeted celebrating the success;

#NewRecord since Maldives reopened its borders. On 16th October 2021 Maldives welcomed 6,197 tourists, the highest on a single day since borders reopened on 15th July 2020. Congratulations to all who are passionately contributing towards Maldives’ tourism recovery.

After border reopening, Maldives Tourism set a new target, to welcome 1.3 Million tourists in 2021. 

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom revealed that 923,000 tourists have visited Maldives as of this year, which accounts 90 percent of the goal Tourism Ministry aimed for in terms of tourist arrivals for 2021.

Looking at the total arrivals after border reopening, India remains at the top with over 200K tourists followed by Russia with over 177K tourists.


Traveling to the Maldives during Covid-19?

Health officials advise that staying home is the best way to prevent transmission until you're fully vaccinated.

But if you still plan to travel, it's important to find out and know what you need before you go.

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