How do new dads cope?

How do new dads cope?

A newly married couple experiencing the challenges accompanied with the unexpected arrival of a baby early on in their marriage.

The day has gone by so swiftly.

My wife is still trying to put our 9 month old baby boy to sleep after his long fight with dinner and she is exhausted too.

We all came back from shopping and boy were we bushed. I have to go fix a net on the windows cox we cant leave them open in this way too warm climate what with all the deadly mosquitoes.

Okay got the net fixed, it took more than n hour...made some fresh passion fruit squash and offered my wife some and she is still battling with our son trying to put him to sleep!

At the end of the day we both are too exhausted to have a chat or too sleepy to make love even!

Am all sweaty and tired I want to just lie down on the bed like this - I mean like the way I used to all my life before marriage. But if I do it now my wife would be very displeased cox it would soil the sheets and I don't want to make her upset!

So am off to shower and I seriously hope not to fall asleep in there!

Sometimes I wonder how other dads cope with this? And if I can really do this? I wish there was somebody I could talk to about it all!

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