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How to be more attractive?

How to be more attractive?

Want to look more confident, attractive & fabulous! 

Check out these simple steps!



The way a woman carries herself tells a lot about her.

It showcases her self confidence, her style - you know what I mean, like a real woman of substance, a Queen's presence can be felt the moment she steps into a room!

When she saunters by it looks like as if she is floating away and especially in them footwear to die for!

If you want to replicate her walk, take a deep breath and lift your chest out a bit. You will notice that your tummy automatically tucks in, arch your back and keep your shoulders leveled. 

Now make your entrance and watch all heads turn in admiration! 


Real ladies stand tall and straight exuding a friendly aura, looking very much in control of themselves.

Smiling is the most simple yet the best face workout that makes you look more youthful every day.

It will also make people find you more approachable and reliable at the same time.


While you are at work you will notice that the way a person dresses make you look up to them. Their neatness, the clean cut styles, lady-like mannerisms and their posture gets the kind of attention they need when they command authority.

But mind you, you need to know when to draw the line between being professional and being bossy! 

We all tend to get turned off with bossy attitudes right!


People notice the smallest of details.

One of the best way to know about a person's true character is to watch them when nobody is around. Stop biting your nails and chewing the pen's end!! Do people still pick their nose - eeew!

And doing those things don't make you a bad person but just a gross slob!

Apparently the most unattractive person is the one who bad mouth others behind their back! 

A real Queen never engages herself in nasty discussions or comments.


In a world where you can be anything - be kind! 

It's true when they say that real beauty comes from within - your heart!

The most beautiful person is the one who can truly be selfless in order to help her fellow brothers and sisters, in their time of need. 

That's right - being kind and dependable not only makes people like you a lot, it shows strength and real character and thus crown you as the Real Queen! 

And always remember that you are always beautiful and that a Real Queen will never need a man by her side to prove her worth! 

That's it girls! 

Go spread the love and pass it on and surely good luck will come your way.  



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