I needed you♥

I needed you♥

You thought I was just another contact on your phone list. One you could call up when nobody interesting was around.

I played along as your puppy for so many years. You used to call me stupid and silly. And all the while I was waiting for you to see that I really cared about you.

Many a nights I saw you driving around with your current interests. I chose to stay in the dark even when my heart hurt. I figured you never cared the least.

I stayed because a moment spent in your arms felt like an eternity for me. Sadly it wasn't the same for you. Whenever I told you so you laughed it off.

I felt so lost that I fled. Far far away so I wouldn't hear even your name. Your thoughts haunted and tormented me. I started hating you to see if it helped.

I found someone else who reminded me so much about you and that was the main reason why I had to leave that someone.

Lost again. I traveled further away to find someone who could fix me. I played around with all kinds of devils to ruin me beyond repair.

Damaged, I walked on this earth to be called all sorts of names. I laughed inside. I was still me because I still loved you. I cried.

I packed my stuff and retraced my steps back to where I belong. Where my heart belonged. Where my soul belonged.

And now we are standing face to face. Our eyes trying to get a hold of the souls trapped within. No words were exchanged. You wept and I wept. 

We finally found home.

We painted not just the town red but we painted the whole world with rainbows.

Traveling around the world.

We have no plans to stop.


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