Your Ex is getting married!

Your Ex is getting married!


We have been together for so many years over 4+ years.

Just like most, we have had our fair share of fights but we had really special moments too.

Here I am holed up in my room tending my wounds. I just don't feel like talking to anybody right now. 

I have deleted him on all social platforms- but my friends keep sharing his wedding updates! I've told them to stop sending me his stuff, don't you people know how it can make someone feel?

That was our dream to have a beach wedding - how could he???

It hurts! It hurts to see pictures of them both happy and laughing. My heart wrenches seeing how beautiful she looks in that dress. 

I should be the one wearing it and to think he promised to marry me....just breaks me down crying.

It was just a silly fight and he got full blown mad and left my life.

I was waiting for him to come back and apologize but then within a month I heard he got engaged????

I tried a million times to reach him - I deserved a closure at least but he wouldn't give me one. He just kept on telling me that it was over and to move on - then he just blocked me. 

Should I be cursing him and their marriage - I'm so angry! I'm so hurt! I know it's not right!

I'm all messed up and don't know what to do?


Dear Seema,

It's not fair on you! Too bad he didn't have the decency to tell you what really happened. Obviously you see the reason - he doesn't want to mend his ways but rather he would find someone new and soon may start treating her the same - I hope not. 

It's never a good thing to wish ill on anyone. Wish them well and go ahead with your life - stop fretting over a closure because he's not going to give you one - narcissistic as hell, he plans to keep you stuck & guilt-ridden! 

Have you heard about Karma? Well you will soon know and you will thank Karma later on for finding you the perfect mate that was meant to keep you happy for life!

A break-up can sometimes come as a blessing in disguise to make you realize why it never worked between the two of you!

We all need that someone, you know, who would stick with you through thick and thin, and would never ever have break-ups or dump you just like that.

It’s only natural to have these feelings of hurt - do you feel that you are still unattached and lonely and miserable?

Ok, so believe me when I say this; there are loads of couples living miserable lives being married or in a long term relationship that makes them feel so much more lonelier than staying alone.

They come to me and ask me what do they need to do? I tell them to " Work on it - prioritize it - communicate and seek couple therapy!"

And as for you Missy! You need to shake off these feelings of doubts and start enjoying your new found freedom to explore yourself and this beautiful wide world in front of you.

You can always find someone deserving but before that you need to make yourself happy!

You need to figure out who you are and what you need? How else would you be able to let someone else know what can keep you happy in a relationship! 

Do the things you have always wanted to do and meet the kind of people you were always kind of curious to know more about. Take the opportunity to do things differently this time, without anybody’s influence.

Live your life! Make yourself a priority! Give yourself time to let you know yourself better - without anybody having to define you! And do stop asking people what you need to do or be! You will find the answers - follow that blessing called a woman's intuition, it's never wrong!

So many of us, after a crappy relationship, just jump into a new one without giving ourselves enough time to sort ourselves out.

And sadly we end up making the same mistakes over and over again - and in the end believe that either we are either cursed or that we can never find the right person?!!! That's sick!

So I think you get the drift now- right!

Yes baby, go out - travel - find new hobbies - meet new people, explore and discover the world beyond your comfort zones.


True Karma is keeping your soul mate hidden from your view until you find your true self!

Say Good luck to your ex and may good luck come to you.


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