When You Are Never Enough!

When You Are Never Enough!


You can give your life to someone but they can never be content and happy with it.

Does it mean that your life is useless and worthless to them?

Do you really believe that giving-your-all can make someone love you unconditionally?

Do you believe it!

People will never be satisfied even if you give them the world. They will always find a way to complain and ask for more.

Nina gave more than 20 years of attention to her partner and was she happy? 

No - she doesn't think so.

It was never enough for her husband.

They had become lovers in their late teens and were madly in love with each other. They couldn't wait to get married and as soon as they could earn a place to live they got married.

They vowed never to be apart and treat each other kind and keep their respect intact for each other.

Love, work, home, paycheck and a bit of travel here and there - their marriage was fun and great. They thought it would last forever - well at least she thought! 

At first it was his job change - it was kind of a promotion and they celebrated it too with their friends but little did the newly married Nina know that her husband having to work in different towns for weeks was going to create a rift in their love marriage.

It was hard saying goodbye to him when he had to leave for a week or two - she missed him loads and she cried.  And as the months passed she had started to learn to live all by herself as her husband got more tied down with his travel.

She had terrible thoughts about him having an affair and they fought over it. But in the end she realized it was just lame jealousy and they made up. Soon she found out that she was 2 weeks pregnant and it was one of the most happy moments of their lives,

They were blessed with a healthy baby boy and they both loved him a lot but she was sad because he had to still stay away so much.

How the years had passed - soon their son was going to leave for College while his father still spent a great deal of time away from home, traveling.

When her son finally left for college Nina was all alone again. She missed her husband like she did all those years while their child grew. When he came back from his travels for the first time after their son left to College - they both missed their child very much and reminisced about how soon he had grown up and had gone. 

Nina told her husband how lonely she was now that her son was gone and she begged her husband to stay with her, 

He brushed off the subject - trying to avoid talking about it. Nina persisted and asked him again, but still he wouldn't give her a definite yes or no. 

She was in tears - they both knew that it wasn't because of money that he needed to travel. He plainly told her that he needed to stay away from home to be himself and that it has become a way of life that really worked well for him.

He never for once considered Nina's feelings. 

Nina dried her tears and told him she needed some time to think things through and wanted to be alone for sometime. He shrugged.

The following days Nina went shopping, met her friends, family and had some spa time. She thought that she could get used to a life of being pampered. She could live comfortably from her family inheritance. She just didn't need to stay pining for her man who couldn't choose to be with her after all that she had sacrificed for him. 

She wrote all that down on paper in her elegant handwriting - all her untold feelings over the years.

The very next day she met her husband with two envelopes in her hand. One contained the letter she wrote him saying goodbye. The other envelope contained tickets to travel to far places she had always dreamt of visiting.

She kissed him goodbye and pressed her old wedding ring into his hand.

He stood there, speechless, at the porch as she got into the cab with her luggage - her face beaming with happiness as she waved him farewell.

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