Must the female do the cooking in a relationship?

Must the female do the cooking in a relationship?


But I never believed in it and neither does my husband - don't give a hoot!

Even before we got married he already knew that I didn’t cook because we had been friends for almost 8 years, we were part of a fun gang of friends. Our friends always tried to pair us up - I guess they all sensed the secret attraction we both had for each other.

After leaving some badly broken relationships we both were single in 2009. We never wanted to ruin a good friendship but finally we gave us a try.

We started it slow but were surprised with the strong magnetism, fell madly in love and were going steady for like 8 months and finally got married.

During our 1st year of marriage we moved to Bangalore, India, it was like a long honeymoon, I worked from my laptop as a travel agent and he was completing a course in IT . He had all the time in the world to hone his culinary skills.

We used to go for long walks to shop for fresh veggies and on our way back we browsed bookshops, bought fresh flowers, stopped at cafes & bistros for coffee, cakes or ice cream. Coming home we made love and talked in bed until our stomachs growled.

We would then head to the kitchen, while he cooked I helped peel and chop and I loved to hang around chatting with him, people called us clingy but we never cared!

It’s been 12 whole years since and he has been cooking for me and our 10 year old son, we both still tell him every day that we love his cooking very much - I feel so blessed to a husband who never let's us go hungry and takes care of us.

I'm so grateful he does all that while we both work to earn a living. We both always try to share our work in the family. My cooking skills may be limited but I do a pretty good job at cleaning, washing and baking.

We love to eat his pasta dishes, pan grilled chicken with mash, beef curry, meat pies, pizza, spicy seafood, noodles, fried rice and so on. And my all time favourite is his Special Chicken Biriyani.

He is not much of a fan of his own cooking. Besides me (hehe!) his other love is chocolates and desserts but don't tell him ssssssssssh he really sucks at baking - it’s really not his forte.

So during the pandemic I got myself enrolled in a baking class and I got really good at it - even if I do say so myself - not boasting here!

I really wanted to make him happy especially as an appreciation for all that he does for us - and now that I can bake the things he loves to eat - it makes me really happy!

And as of today, we both make a great team while we cook on holidays and special occasions. And we still keep company while we cook and we still chat just as much or maybe more!

He still cooks for me and my son - I know he always will.

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