Make beautiful memories in the beautiful Maldives!

Make beautiful memories in the beautiful Maldives!

Maldives is accessible for everyone from all around the world.

It's affordable for all - now that local tourism has been readily implemented there are a number of local guesthouses in the local islands offering great value for money travel options for all budgets. Not to mention some affordable options created by the Resorts.

So plan your holiday well and drop in to appreciate and indulge in this much loved bliss called Maldives.

A great holiday is one that's filled with loads of fun & joy!

Planning and flying can be fun but at the same time for those of you who travel from afar it might be a bit troublesome.

Yet the good news is that after a long journey, visitors' find it that the fatigue just melt away almost immediately, when they see the crystal clear aqua and the incredible hues of the sky - it must be something in the air or maybe its the altitude that most people experience this rush of good vibes or summer vibes in this land of endless Sea, Sand and Sun.

Endless Summer of Sun, Sand & Sea

Most of the Islands in Maldives are beautifully remote, yet accessible by plane and boat, set in palm-fringed lagoons to fill you with wonder and fuel your wanderlust.

While you & your loved one(s) holiday in this blissful destination, you have plenty of options to make happy memories - it’s your opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Explore Life on this part of the world!

Explore uninhabited islands, go island hopping, meet the locals and relax on secluded sandbanks. Snorkel in the coral-rich house reef rubbing fins with colorful fish. Dive the deep blue as early birds or night owls. Surf the Yin Yang.

For sunset, you can board the top deck of one of the dive boats to meet the local dolphins on their daily commute. Finish the day with a BBQ on the beach where you will dine on fresh reef fish caught sustainably by the local fishermen - warm and simple folks, they will most probably offer you open-fire barbecued fish with rice and fresh veggies.

The sunsets in Maldives are amazing - spend these beautiful moments with loved ones. Take a stroll along the shoreline as the world changes colours it’s a cozy experience.

Night life in Islands!

In the evening it’s time for the drummers - Boduberu band, have a go at playing the local drums and learn about the significant role this music plays in Maldivian culture. Find out about the songs they sing to drums, hear about the stories they tell from an 800+ years old cultural life experiences.

In the Maldives, an island nation dispersed over 298 square kilometer, local rituals unify the country and provide people with an opportunity to celebrate their unique culture. Find out about the rituals over the years, traditions inspired by the local community. Guides will be available to show you you through about customs of appreciating our body and mind, their island homes and the cleansing water that surrounds it.

In most resorts for evenings there will be weekly cocktail party on the beach. Take a moment to open your mind and connect with others. In doing so, you will awaken your senses so that you will feel alive, to the world of not just possibilities around us - but how others see the world through their lenses.

Explore the Waters - underwater wildlife!

Is your child always asking questions about the world? Are they fascinated by the ocean and the animals that live within it? Do they want to change the world and make it a better place?

For young ocean lovers and for adults it’s an exciting adventure to explore the ocean in snorkeling adventures and diving. Capture these moments to cherish for years to come. Most Resorts have crafted diving, snorkeling and excursion adventures for you to choose from. The local guesthouses provide these opportunities as well.

Have a secluded Island all to yourself for a day!

Chefs in Resorts and Guesthouses can prepare your picnic basket including light lunch, dessert and a drinks that you can enjoy under the shade of the coconut trees. Grab your snorkeling gear to explore the surrounding lagoon or simply relax on comfortable sun loungers on the beach. An experience for families or a romantic getaway for couples.

In the afternoon in your little paradise Resorts & Guesthouses can arrange a cruising in a traditional Maldivian dhoni. For an extra touch of romance, take your cruise in the warmth of a tropical sunset. Some resorts and Guesthouses will arrange dinner table settings for a romantic sumptuous dinner for two. Whatever it may be prepare yourself to relax, have fun and make happy memories.

There are many other things arranged for couple and families - but for this post this is it!

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