How to make BBQ wings at home - with simple ingredients!

How to make BBQ wings at home - with simple ingredients!

The yummiest BBQ wings. 

One of my family favorites, usually made during those boisterous large family gatherings to watch live football matches on tv. 

I like it a bit hot & spicy, with a little bit of tanginess but not too sweet. 

I have always loved this recipe - just try it once and am sure you would love it too!
  • 1kg Chicken wings
  • Salt & pepper
  • BBQ sauce (my personal fav is Mango BBQ sauce) 
  • For brining: Add 1 tablespoon of salt for every cup of water and mix until the salt is completely dissolved.  For example, if you are using 1 kg of chicken, make 2 litres of brine.
  • Add into the brine a bit of pepper (corn or crushed or powder) to your liking.
  • Now add 5 Tablespoons of BBQ sauce into the brine and mix it together (I have included below, a homemade BBQ sauce, but any store bought BBQ sauce would work just fine) 
  • Next, dump the wings into the brine mixture, refrigerate it overnight (do not freeze).
  • The next day drain the brine solution, pat the chicken wings dry with paper towels


  • Place the wings on a single layer rack, above a tray ( you can use a  wire rack or a raked baking sheet - it's the same thing). Bake in a hot oven at 120C/250F for about half an hour - take them out and check.
  • They should be juicy and almost cooked and almost good enough to eat but wait a minute, we have the last few steps to follow.


  • line the wings up on a hot grill and brush them with BBQ sauce
  • grill them until they began to pick up some color and flip them to brush the other side with BBQ sauce
  • The sauce on the wings will soon caramelize and once the edges start to get a bit charred it's ready to serve.


  • Salads: Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Greek Salad
  • Baked or Fried Potato, Creamy Mashed Potato
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • It might sound weird but sometimes I love eating them on burgers - of course after deboning them. 


Mustard Sauce, White Vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Tomato or Chilli Sauce, Honey, Brown Sugar, Paprika Powder, Pepper and Olive Oil

  • Add and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl or pan 
  • Heat a pan and add the mixture, cook on low heat, when it starts to boil and bubble - it's ready!



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