Tired and angry wife dealing with husband's barking!

Tired and angry wife dealing with husband's barking!

I hate it when I try to do good and be loving and all and I always get barked at like this by my husband...hell yes I get angry too...freaking mad sometimes....yeah we married for love all right but where is that love???

Whenever he gets tired or hungry I get barked at like this!

All because he got so tired and fell asleep then woke up and saw me still at the PC finishing up my last bit of work for the day.

He yelled "I help around the house damn much so that you can work while I look after the baby and you still can't wrap up that work...what the hell were you doing all day?"

I stayed patient not to give my baby a fright - but this man was becoming impossible.

It was my turn to get mad "Listen ok I am freaking tired too and I have to work even if it takes all day because we have bills to pay!"

I was trying very hard not to freak out "Don't you see the difference? do I rant down on you like the way you do whenever you get tired or hungry or bored...NO!" I was fuming.

"SO why am I treated this way...show some respect to your marriage at least!" I had to add "And I don't want my child to grow up seeing her father treating her mother this way!!!"

I should have kept my mouth shut. Here we ago again staying up all night fighting. 

After an episode like this he starts avoiding me and deliberately not talk to me about anything but we both promised to keep this home. 

Totally dysfunctional I know - since he is not talking to me and there are important daily things to be done, I text him and he leave curt replies. Infuriating but do I have a choice? 

Seriously life cannot go on like this and surely my love would not remain if this pattern can not be broken!

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