Hate no one & Hurt no one!

Hate no one & Hurt no one!

It’s 10th July 2022.

Everyone keeps talking about the on-coming recession. 

It’s hard enough to listen to that baloney, especially on a day when you have to make that extra effort to drag yourself out of bed, get ready and go grab that coffee on your way to work!

They won’t even let me enjoy my damn coffee! Here at my Fav Coffee place the TV is quite loud - some guy just drowning everybody within earshot about being frugal for the tough times ahead! 

Come on man - gimme a break!

Should I get out of the queue, go home and make my own coffee?

No way! I gotta enjoy this simple little treat that sets me up for the day. 

I don’t want nobody to tell me how dark the world is going to be tomorrow or to set a watchdog on duty for my fast depleting bank account.

This is my daily 10 minutes with my morning coffee - my headset playing my fav songs! I deserve this!

I know there’s a lot of slaying to be done - but the dragons will have to wait!

The world is on fire it’s true! And we all knew that was bound to happen after the covid pandemic - a financial crisis was almost inevitable and some of us got hit really badly.

 But that doesn't mean we have to stop living and go on droning about it every two minutes. 

We need to work harder, try harder and know that tough times don’t last - that there is ease after every hardship in life, I mean who has not experienced that right!

As for me, before the pandemic I was having the time of my life. 

Business was thriving, I was traveling to different countires with my partner and I didn’t have any debts to ruin my sexual libido (btw that happens to some of us)! 

And then Bam! Our business dwindled and it hit rock bottom, just like that. 

We had to move back to our native home and we even thought of changing our profession. 

Coming back to live in a place you had left for good wasn’t the least bit easy. Reconnecting with my past was a daunting feat but I had to do it for survival.

Living in hatred and malice was never my cup of tea, yet I had no choice so I had to swallow it - it was rife around here you see!

My partner kept on telling me that sometimes there are no exits in life - you just have to stop running and escaping - because when you do you fall into a bigger mess! 

I used to take it all out on my partner for bringing me to a godforsaken place until she could take it no more!

I finally came to my senses. I realized I was fighting an endless battle with myself because I had to live in a place I loathed. Be with people I had a hard time to get along with. I talked about other people not understanding me while I didn’t even give it one good try to understand others.

I finally believed that society and the world could never be customized to my liking no matter how much I wanted it. 

I had to learn to live with people. I felt like I was being a racist with my own kind - it felt so bad.  

So I humbled myself and started taking it - one day at a time. It wasn’t easy and it never is but I do it every day now. 

I don’t hate-hate things so much now but I still don’t like how things are around here and If I had to choose I would blindly jump at the opportunity to go back to the place I love! Where I feel like I belong and am an important part of a worthy community.

Ok! So my 10 mins up - time to face yet another day! 

Yo! Dragons here I come!!!


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