Why Lockdown Stinks!

Why Lockdown Stinks!

Staying homebound for ages can drive you nuts.

When the lockdown happened for the first time, I remember myself being overly excited about it all. I really liked the idea of working from home and that meant no more commuting! I had quite a high because I was able to laze around all day. What more, I had the flexibility to work at my own pace!

I was over the moon. Or so I thought.

During the beginning of lockdown I used to stay up really late watching Netflix all night and wake up all groggy in the morning to the sound of my alarm at 08:35 am. 

Hit snooze. 08:40 am.

Hit snooze. 08:45 am.

Hit snooze. 08:50 am.

Finally, I would slowly crack one eye open to look at the time and go"What the....!!!" and bolt out of the bed. 

I would then rush around the room, yanking my hair down to appear neat and professional like my colleagues. Smoothing it down with gel or pomade or whatever would do.

Brush my teeth and spritz my face with mist to make my face look fresher. Add a touch of tinted lip gloss.

My mind would keep telling me; Look at the time girl! Look at the time!

Panic stricken I would  keep on dropping things!

Butterfingers!!! Cursing myself I would  hop around my room like a lunatic. 

All staff are mandated to wear suits and blazers. I'd tell myself not forget to wear my blazer - "Where's my blazer!" I would then go digging around the pile of clothes on my bed or inside the closet until..... "Ah! Finally found it!" lying around somewhere where it's not supposed to be.

Less than a minute to go online!

A quick look in the mirror! Next would be my coffee. When it's ready I would finally be ready to sit myself down and place the coffee next to me (I need to show everybody that I'd been up and about ;) ).

When it's just a few more seconds to go! I would close my eyes and take a deep breath. Hold it for a 10 secs! And aaaaaaaaah exhale!

I hoped to appear well rested, calm and ready but when I turn on the camera and smile, I would feel like some kind of idiotic clown.

When it's 09:00 am the Zoom meeting will be in session.

Everybody greets each other and they all appear so neat, pretty, and nice. And I can't help but wonder if they all were pretending to be that way. I bet they are as disorganized as I am? 

Nah! I 'd say to myself "Am the worst in the world - but am fine with it!". 

Once the daily briefing is over, it would be time to relax and unwind; listen to loud music and sing and strip down to my bra and undies and let my hair go wild and messy again and maybe dance around making some out of sync sexy moves - that makes me look ridiculous or so I have been told. 

But it's ok! I don't care about what people think or say!

I'm a FREE spirit!


The whole lockdown thing felt like one long weekend - with Snacks for breakfast, Snacks for lunch and Snacks for dinner.

Working in my PJ's all day was a real kicker too, plus I chatted, posted on Instagram and Facebook and scrolled all day long.

I was finally free to do all the things I was not allowed to do at work; inside the office I mean!

It felt like a Godsend!

The only downer to it all was that I shared my flat with a friend, Peter - he can be a bit too nosy sometimes! I mean he is an ok bloke too - you know we go out with friends and hang out together. 

But staying indoors locked down like this with him, and he being the only company - kinda creeps me out!!! 

You know what I mean right!

He sometimes kinda look at me with a weird look on his face.

I feel like punching him really! I mean he knows am not into guys - of any kind!

I mean I have blatantly told him that I don't get turned on by men.

He keeps his distance but still you can't trust the guy and his animalistic instincts.

So in the pretense of privacy, I keep my room locked up. With a club under my pillow! Safety first, right!

Hehe just kidding!

He sleeps during day and that's the time of the day I get my full privacy!

And that's when I pop a beer, load my mouth with chocolates, flop down on bed, watching erotic eye candy on my laptop and all the while riding like a perpetual stallion - the stallion being me!

So I was really enjoying this way of working from home and to be really frank I never thought this lockdown thing would drag on and on - forever!!!

And guess what I learned from it!

Do you know, all this made me realize that, like with all good things done on a routine - pretty soon boredom sets in!

Then initial furor of #stayhome #staysafe vibe started to drag me down!

I kept thinking that I'm not just homebound - it's more like roombound. Get that!

It sounds absurd I know, but, I started missing my daily routine before lockdown.

I missed my morning jogging, the gym, my morning starbucks coffee, taking the long route to work on my motorbike with my girl hugging me tight. 

And here I am! Nostalgia gripping me! Longing for long rides after work, watching sunsets with ice creams and the heated kissing in dark allies.

I needed her, to feel her soft full lips and kiss-trail down her beautiful profile, all the way down her satiny neck and shoulders and those breathtaking lush mounds. 

I needed to see her so badly.

Still that didn't mean I need to go out and risk myself or her or others with covid.

So I just wallowed in it.

And I also learned that cursing Corona does not make it go away - not at all!

So here I am feeling blue. 

I really do need to make a plan to stay active and healthy so that when lockdown is finally over I will be able to enjoy my life again.

I need to gain more strength and keep my immune system strong.  

And instead of staying all moody and feeling wasted, I am working on a plan.

A plan to make myself more lively and productive. 

Bye bye for now and luv ya


Val the Viking Warrior

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