How to stay happy at the start of the day!

How to stay happy at the start of the day!

Muna's Story

Well here is a typical day of my ordinary life!

The alarm goes off at 04:30 am - time to wake up! 

Not feeling groggy no more like I used to, a few months back. Going to bed early took some time to adjust - I must admit.

Time to wash my face and brush my teeth and especially the tongue ( to start the day off on a fresher note with a fresher mouth ).

Next on is the most natural thing you do to stay alive - breathing! Becoming conscious on proper breathing can help combat stress, tension & illnesses in the long term.

Sometimes I tend to unconsciously hold my breath when I'm worried over something - which is not good because it means less oxygen in my lungs obviously! 

So let's check the time it's 4:45 am - let's work on my breathing!

Inhale through your nose until you feel your lungs are full. Now hold it, with your eyes closed count to 10 secs and exhale slowly. Feeling better and lighter - repeat for like 5 or 10 more times it should relax you.

Please make note: Taking lung bursting deep breaths to test for Corona Virus is by the way a Myth: there ain't any research that supports you being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds means you don’t have coronavirus - ridiculous really!!! ).

It's almost 5:00 am - time to start stretching!

Next I grab my Yoga mat and start with simple stretching, it helps my muscles to relax and when incorporated with easy body weight moves, even if for 10–15 mins, it helps release that crucial dose of the happy hormone Serotonin.

I've been following a Yoga program on an app for months now and usually spend about half an hour on my mat. It has helped tone my arms, legs & abs considerably - moreover it has like totally fixed my posture

5:30 am already - phew, how time flies!

Time to hit the shower and trust me morning showers really awakens your senses and it has been found to boost up your immune system as well! Research tells us to make it a cold one =shudders= but I just can't do that, I hate cold showers!

Feeling refreshed its time to moisturize and while I'm at it I go for a small self-massage. It kind of help relieve tension from my joints, I guess it's good for my circulation.

There you have it! My simple morning routine, guaranteed to de-stress you and improve your mood for the day.

Feeling a lot rejuvenated I make myself a coffee! As a real coffee lover, my morning cup of coffee can always set me up for the day.

Next on I sit down with my journal to plan the day and usually I start off by counting my blessings, mindfully.

6: 30am - Time to fix breakfast!

Creating a yummy treat for my loved ones always makes me feel great.

So I turn on the radio or check out my playlists just to make some groovy noise and sing along or move to the beat, you know to keep up the vibe!

Smelling the tasty aroma of bakes and toasts filling the house usually wakes my kids up.

They will pop in and greet me with biiiiig hugs and kisses.


And well this releases a lot of Oxytocin ( the cuddle hormone ) to last me through the day on a very happy note indeed.



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