Enveloped by endless Indian Ocean views, our over water spa offers transformative world-class treatments, crafted with the healing properties of indigenous plants and fruits in mind. Our spa also houses the region's only Cocoon Medical Spa, featuring restorative facials, Vitamin IV Infusions and other detoxification therapies. 

Set in our over water villa spa, experience the ancient healing power of Ayurveda – a 5,000-year-old natural science that offers pathways towards health and harmony with holistic treatments. Embark on a journey that is customised to your personal aspirations and designed especially for you by our resident Ayurvedic Master. Meet with our other Masters of Wellness and discover a holistic range of experiences to rejuvenate, transform and awaken your senses. 



  • Six over water treatment suites
  • Cocoon Medi Spa 
  • Studio Révérence by Bastien Gonzalez
  • Nail salon
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
  • Steam room
  • Over water relaxation deck with cold plunge pool
  • Shirodhara treatment bed

Escape life’s boundaries and embrace an infinite blue horizon. Surrender to harmonious relaxation, coaxed by a lullaby of ocean waves.

Our spa treatments marry time-tested techniques from the East with pure indigenous ingredients. Collaborating with award-winning brands such as 111Skin, Subtle Energies, and Studio Révérence by Bastien Gonzalez, our treatments are curated to offer our guests purposeful rituals catering to physical and emotional wellbeing needs.

Design your spa journey, choosing from body treatments and massages, facials, couple’s rituals, beautifying, and multi-day wellness retreats designed to recalibrate and heal.

We invite you to make full use of the spa’s facilities, including a relaxation deck overlooking the surrounding azure waters, steam rooms, saunas and plunge pools.


Imbued with the essence of Anantara, inspired by our stunning surrounds.

Tropical Essence of Kihavah (180 minutes)

Foot Ritual• Essence White Coconut Scrub • Anantara Signature Massage • Coconut Hair Mask •Classic blow dry

Delivering a true island spa experience, indulge in an authentic traditional Kihavah ritual for a complete sense of wellbeing. The wonders of coconut, a natural source of beauty, is used for a holistic head to toe pampering ritual. Complete the journey with the local refreshment of Kurumba.

Empowering Me, A Woman’s Journey (150 minutes)

Gentle Meditation• Marma Massage with warm therapeutic oils • Facial Marma Massage

Celebrating inner and outer beauty, this is a complete journey in addressing emotional and hormonal balance. The treatment starts with a gentle meditation, followed by an all over body massage using ancient active oils of empowerment and renewal, as a fusion of therapeutic techniques increase your vital energy. This continues into a result- driven facial that is tailored to bring harmony and nourishment to your skin, using potent actives such as Mogra, Saffron and Indian Rose. Be empowered, be rejuvenated, be you.

Subtle Energies Sleep Support Therapy (120 minutes)

Guided Yogic Pranayama • Blissful Marma Massage • Nasal oil application • Savasana

A tailored signature program based on clinical research and ancient practices, this treatment assists in addressing sleep concerns and insomnia. It starts with a guided meditation and yogic Pranayamas that will positively impact the vital energy within. The full body Blissful Marma massage is designed to release tension and bring the body’s rhythm back into balance together with the Facial Marma massage and potent active ingredients, stimulating the pineal gland. The Nasya (nasal oil application) which has been used for centuries for many concerns including sleep, follows this process. An ideal holistic sleep support resulting in emotional and hormonal balance, connecting you to your body of bliss. 

Kihavah Signature Healing (90 minutes)

Foot Ritual • Soothing Massage • Guided Singing Bowls Meditation

Feel at one with your surrounds and the wellness elements of air, fire and earth. Submit to gentle soothing massages and the hypnotic sound of singing bowls.

Slumber Guru - In Villa Treatment (90 minutes)

Foot Ritual • Anantara Milky Bath • Anantara Signature Massage

Taking the importance of a good night’s rest to a whole new level, this evening ritual performed in your villa, begins with a soak in a luxuriant essential oil bath surrounded by candles. Let go of all tension, calming and grounding for the senses in a deeply relaxing massage blend of Frankincense, Kewda, and Narangi. Unwind to your choice of tranquil music throughout the evening. Sweet dreams then await in a bed dressed in 1000 thread count.

Anantara Signature Massage (60/90 minutes)

Foot Ritual • Anantara Signature Massage

A signature oil blend and purpose-designed movements stimulate circulation, promote deep relaxation and restore the flow of energy, or prana, along the meridian lines.



Lay side by side and submit to healing hands and a deep sense of bliss and harmony.

Reigniting the Spark (180 minutes)

Embark on a journey of rediscovery with your significant other. Combining fresh indigenous ingredients with exotic scents of signature oil blends, this is a head-to-toe deeply relaxing journey designed for you to reconnect with one another through shared experiences. For the ultimate in romantic gestures, elevate the experience further and toast to the completion of the journey with the refreshment of chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne.

Foot Ritual • Anantara Milky Bath Collection • Guided Couple Meditation • Choice of Subtle Energies Body Buff or Body Polish • Anantara Signature Massage • Refreshment and Champagne (optional)

Customised Recovery Package (3-Day or 5-Day Program)

Restore vital energy, relieve tension and achieve deep relaxation for your body and mind with our customisable programs. Enjoy the freedom of flexibility in selecting treatments and scheduling session times. Program may be used for combined experiences or individual massage therapy, body treatment, facials or quick fix treatments in 60-minute or 90-minute sessions in any one day. Visit our Spa and allow our Wellness experts to tailor make a personalised treatment journey according to your needs.  

Cellular Restoration Journey (210 minutes)

Rebalance, revitalise, renew. Drawing on potent active ingredients, enhance cell regeneration and repair with this indulgent treatment. Your restoration process begins with a purifying body exfoliation and a choice of a phytonutrient rich wrap, which tightly tones the skin, before being transported to a state of deep relaxation with our signature Marma massage. Our customised age-defying facial completes this opulent journey, restoring cellular radiance and vitality on every level of being.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Body Wrap • Blissful Marma Massage • Subtle Energies Facial

Detox and Adrenal Boost Journey (120 minutes)

A comprehensive purification process using highly potent active ingredients such as Tulasi, Wild Turmeric and Indian Lime which works towards blood purification, energising and stimulating the cells and lymphatics whilst also boosting adrenal fatigue. The journey begins with a full exfoliation, followed by a toning detox wrap and concludes with Subtle Energies’s signature massages that will release tension, lymphatic drainage and work the Marmas.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Body Wrap • Mini Head Massage • Blissful Marma Massage

The Recovering Traveller (105 minutes)

This customisable jet lag journey help to bring the body back into balance and assist with sleeping patterns and energy levels. Including Marma work, lymphatics and a bronze kasa bowl technique to draw out excess heat, this therapy working on the individual’s needs, can be used to awaken or to help bring about a restful slumber. It assists in releasing any fluid retention and strengthens the immune system after a long flight.

Foot Ritual • Blissful Marma Massage • Kasa Bowl Technique • Facial Marma Massage • Mini Nasya (optional)

Blissful Marma Massage (60/90 minutes)

Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress related tension. Long, firm, flowing movements and therapeutic techniques at various levels of pressure are implemented; whilst Marma therapy and chakra balance align vital energy centers. Enriching results-based blends deliver powerful active benefits, enhancing overall wellbeing. The 90 minute option includes a Subtle Energies signature facial Marma massage with potent aromatic actives designed to balance the emotions, release stress, and reduce anxiety.

Foot Ritual • Blissful Marma Massage

The Performance Experience Massage (60/90 minutes)

An awakening treatment that combines tension-relieving and circulation-stimulating techniques, this is the ideal experience for athletes. The blend of deeply anti- inflammatory oils and attention to muscles that need repair ensures that one leaves feeling rested, restored and in complete control of their body.

Foot Ritual • Performance Experience Massage

The Vitality Experience Massage (90 minutes)

This massage purifies and energises. Utilising the vivid herb of sweet marjoram and warm stones, the treatment captures the verve and vitality of Crete with its optimistic scents, cooling oils and traditional tension-relieving techniques.

Foot Ritual • Vitality Experience Massage



Thai Herbal Compress Massage (90 minutes)

A soothing heated compress filled with therapeutic herbs and spices is pressed over your entire body, followed by a herbal oil massage.

Foot Ritual • Thai Herbal Compress Massage 

Traditional Thai Massage (90 minutes)

This unique ‘passive yoga’ massage combines pressure point and stretching techniques to release tension, increase flexibility and boost vitality.

Foot Ritual • Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage (90 minutes)

This unique ‘passive yoga’ massage combines pressure point and stretching techniques to release tension, increase flexibility and boost vitality.\

Foot Ritual • Traditional Thai Massage

Slimming Massage (60/90 minutes)

Smooth and redefine your silhouette with a full body massage to eliminate excess fluids and toxins. Short light strokes and pounding help to break down fatty deposits of cellulite.

Foot Ritual • Slimming Massage

With Mum in Mind Massage (60/90 minutes)

A wonderful prenatal treatment designed and created for mothers-to-be and recommended for after their first trimester. Using Subtle Energies’s exquisitely formulated Ayurveda Aromatherapy massage blends, providing gentle nourishment for the mind, body and spirit with signature massage techniques. This treatment will help to support and rejuvenate throughout all the stages of pregnancy, leaving one feeling balanced, grounded and nurtured.

Foot Ritual • With Mum in Mind Massage

Stress Release Massage (60/90 minutes)

Using a combination of kneading strokes and thumb friction, along with an aromatherapy oil blend of your choice.

Foot Ritual • Stress Release Massage

Balinese Massage (60/90 minutes)

A time-tested technique combining rhythmic strokes, acupressure, and essential oils to stimulate blood and energy flow.

Foot Ritual • Balinese Massage

Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage (30/60 minutes)

A deep muscle massage combining classical Western style with Eastern techniques to reduce soreness.

Foot Ritual • Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage

Oriental Foot Massage (30/60 minutes)

Specific thumb, finger and hand techniques applied to various reflex points on your feet effectively stimulate corresponding organ groups in the upper body.

Foot Ritual • Oriental Foot Massage

Indian Head Massage (30/60 minutes)

This traditional Indian Head Massage incorporates the benefits of Ayurveda Aromatherapy and uses an exquisite blend of therapeutic ingredients such as Neem and Coriander Seed to induce a sense of grounding, while rejuvenating the scalp and releasing tension in the neck and shoulders. This treatment starts with an aromatic foot soak and exfoliation, followed by the head massage technique. The 60-minute option includes choice of facial Marma massage or arm massage.

Foot Ritual • Indian Head Massage



Pearl Infused Remineralising Body Mask (90 minutes)

Experience the power of pearls with this exceptional treatment carefully designed to deliver multi-sensory results. Commencing with a skin softening exfoliation, the journey continues with a mineral rich body mask infused with active ingredients of pearl and conch shell extracts to stimulate skin cells and regenerate. Whilst cocooned in this mineral mask experience, receive a Subtle Energies signature facial Marma massage, using potent anti-ageing actives of Mogra and Indian Rose to release tension and stress, and restore balance

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Body Wrap • Facial Marma Massage • Cream or Lotion Application

Rasayana Detox Body Wrap (90 minutes)

Revitalise, tone, and purify as this active body therapy begins with a zesty exfoliation of essential oils, including cinnamon powder and walnut shells. Relax as an exquisite mineral rich clay infused with powerful herbs of Spiked Ginger Lily, Spirulina and Green Tea envelop your body providing the ultimate detox. Experience full body hydration with a choice of aromatic infused body butters, lotions, or blends after.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Body Wrap • Indian Head Massage • Cream or Lotion Application

Rasayana Detox Body Buff (60 minutes)

This rejuvenating light to medium exfoliation of walnut shells, buffs away dead skin cells, reducing the signs of cellulite, as hot compresses are applied in between. Uplifting aromatics of Tulasi, Wild Turmeric and Limbu invigorate, ideal for jet lag and tired skin, followed by a personalised full body hydration to compliment the detoxification process.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Cream or Lotion Application

Himalayan Energising Body Polish (60 minutes)

Feel invigorated, as a strong exfoliating body polish using mineral rich Himalayan Crystal Salts, releases toxins and stimulates circulation. Skin will be visibly radiant, releasing stress along the way with the active effects of rare Ayurveda Aromatherapy oils. Hot compresses nurture throughout and a full body hydration with rich ingredients deeply moisten and balance the skin.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Cream or Lotion Application

Aloe After-Sun Soother (60 minutes)

Pamper sun-kissed skin with a cooling application of fresh aloe vera gel and a poultice of cold black tea and mint to minimize redness and pain.

Foot Ritual • Aloe Vera Gel Application • Black Tea and Mint Poultice Compress • Indian Head Massage

Anantara Customised Body Scrub and Wrap (60/90 minutes)

The ultimate pampering treatment to bring back skin radiance and stimulate body’s circulation. Choose from the invigorating attributes of coconut for a richly moisturising ritual or rejuvenate body and mind with fragrant green tea rich in antioxidants. The 60-minute option is a full body exfoliation followed by cream application and the 90-minute treatment includes a body wrap and Indian Head Massage for a full skin pampering experience.

Foot Ritual • Body Exfoliation • Body Wrap • Indian Head Massage • Cream or Lotion Application


Subtle Energies Soothe and Enrich Advanced Antioxidant Facial (60/90 minutes)

Designed for sun exposed, dry, sensitive, or damaged skin, this intense enriching facial therapy delivers an exceptional nutrient rich elixir that revitalises tired ageing skin. Infused with advanced antioxidants and essential fatty acids to fight free radical damage and protect the skin from the visible signs of ageing. The Marma massage delivers an impressive active serum to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid production, before a botanical hydration mask locks this precious moisture into the skin. Finish this restorative treatment with smooth, vitamin enriched skin that is deeply hydrated.

Foot Ritual • Subtle Energies Soothe and Enrich Advanced Antioxidant Facial

111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Lift Facial (90 minutes)

Lift, Firm, Tighten The most intensive facial, it uses science-led formulas with diamond powder to aid the absorption of active ingredients combined with lifting techniques.

Foot Ritual • Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Lift Facial

111Skin The Original Dramatic Healing Facial (60 minutes)

Restore, Fortify, Heal A high-performance facial that enhances the skin’s ability to repair and strengthen itself, cultivating the microbiome with our signature NAC Y2 complex.

Foot Ritual • The Original Dramatic Healing Facial

111Skin Clarity Anti-Blemish Facial (60 minutes)

Purify, Refine, Calm A targeted treatment for problematic skin, it features a highly intelligent mask system which utilizes the exclusive  111SKIN Facial Architecture method.

Foot Ritual • Clarity Anti-Blemish Facial

111Skin Meso Infusion Hydra Facial (60 minutes)

Hydrate, Volumise, Contour Our most thorough hydration treatment, a powerful hyaluronic acid formula ensures high performance results. This facial treatment leaves the skin completely quenched and plumped.

Foot Ritual • Meso Infusion Hydra Facial

111Skin Rose Quartz Restorative Facial (60 minutes)

Smooth, Sculpt, Soothe This facial combines powerful restoration properties with the most innovative formulas to firm and sculpt with rose quartz crystals to relax and soothe the mind.

Foot Ritual • Rose Quartz Restorative Facial

111Skin The Gentleman’s Reparative Facial (60 minutes)

Repair, Restore, Hydrate Designed specifically for male skin that requires hydration and repair, this treatment is soothing and comforting for skin irritated by regular shaving. It restores, strengthens, and calms the complexion for supreme revitalization.

Foot Ritual • The Gentleman’s Reparative Facial



Anantara Milky Bath Collection (30 minutes)

Choose Romance, Balance or Rejuvenation. The exotic aromas of a milky floral bath inspire deep relaxation.

Foot Ritual • Anantara Milky Bath

Anantara Maldivian Signature Bath (30 minutes)

Treat your skin to a smooth, shimmering glow as you relax in the soothing caress of a coconut and peppermint bath.

Foot Ritual • Anantara Maldivian Signature Bath


For SALON SERVICES & IN-VILLA SERVICES you need to book ahead and arrangements can be made to perform these services in the privacy of your villa.


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