What kind of bedsheets do Hotels use?

What kind of bedsheets do Hotels use?

Is it just me or do you find hotel bed sheets comforting too?

The ones I've slept on in hotels are almost always white and fragrant, and it seems to me they are made of organic cotton and a linen mix.

Too bad the good quality bedding doesn't come with a manufacturing label.

I had this notion to change my home beddings into good quality hotel bedding.

During my stay in hotels, where the housekeeping staff are warm and friendly, I've asked if they use a special kind of fabric softener and detergent when they do laundry. 

Well most of them have been trained to reply to nosy guests; that they use a special custom blend for the hotel's bed linens.

This is the best I could get to know about their laundry cycle; they soak the sheets and towels in warm water with a bleaching agent first. Followed by two rounds of wash and rinse in detergent and lastly in fabric softener. 

And oh yes their sheets are always ironed by giant steam rollers to make them appear immaculate.

I was so very excited to learn about the aforementioned cycle. I flew home saying to myself that I would be sleeping blissfully on hotel room like luxurious sheets. 

No more stiff sheets that make my skin crawl.   

Well, when I followed the laundry cycle they suggested, I made sure that I minimized the use of chemicals as much as possible.

I must say it made my sheets feel almost the same as a luxury hotel's. 

After a relaxing bath, I dimmed the lights in the room and lighted some aromatic candles and planned to read myself to sleep.

It was so cosy and it made me feel like I was on holiday. But something was missing, I mean my sheets were great but it wasn't perfect.

As I was drifting into slumberland I promised myself I was going to find out about this mystery component that made their sheets better than mine.

Yaaawn! Good night!

After a well rested night of sound sleep, with a clear mind, I was onto my investigation on how to get super soft sheets.

I tracked down the sheet manufacturers and got to know why most store bought sheets are different from that in hotels.


It's because the hotels are supplied with pre-stone-washed sheets, which makes them baby soft after every wash.

So with this new-found info I swapped all my new bed linen orders to cotton-linen mix, pre-stone-washed ones and lucky me they come in the fitted version.

P.S here's a great tip to return your new bought sheets;

- Original tightly woven cotton/linen sheets do not shed lint. 

- Strike a deal with your supplier to return your order if the first wash leaves you with a lot of lint in the filter.

Well that's just about it and remember to be kind and gentle with your bedding while washing and drying.

Not my bed but one that's a real treat @ a Beach Oasis Villa


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