Коллекция: WOMEN CEOs

New small & big businesses pop up every day across the country, and a significant portion of those new businesses are started by women. 


Do I hear a shout-out to all these BOSS-BABES!!!

Well here we are, partners of "THE FUTURE IS FEMALE"  - teamed up with this heartfelt notion to help out all the "deserving women of the world"; And that includes all of you: mothers and daughters and sisters out there.

  Women need not feel disadvantaged. 

Together women should encourage one another to make the world a great place.

And to make it happen we need commitment and support from great women – just like yourself.  

We are calling all women, to make a contribution to help all your sisters, who are raising their kids alone.

Yes, we are concerned about this nation-wide issue of single mother - toughing it out!

Their children need protection, support and  access to equal opportunities as other children in the society.

How can you help?

Women add value to the community. 

A lot of females have great ideas for businesses, or a desire to build careers!

We aim to aid women start-ups to support their entrepreneurship. To make it a reality.

We are calling out to all home cooks, bakers, soap makers, writers, designers, decorators, hoteliers(guesthouses), photographers, artists, teachers, jewelry makers, hand crafts, hairdressers, accountants, lawyers, fitness trainer, wedding planner, interior designer, shop owners.......

Promoting women's sense of self-worth! Your ability to determine your own choices, and the right to influence social change for you and others.

Deciding on which small business idea you find most interesting or want to start for yourself can be tricky.

The good news is, if you’re considering starting a business, you aren’t going to be alone. 

Meet the Women CEOs who have gone through with what you are going through - and how they overcame it all to stand tall & proud!

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