Does kissing ever get tiring or boring?

Does kissing ever get tiring or boring?

When you are in love and during the early days of a relationship, kissing never stops. 

But as you grow old with the relationship, most people - sadly, lose their sense of oral hygiene.

I just can’t enjoy a kiss if there is even a teensy weensy bit of foul taste or a whiff of way it kills my libido like totally!


I’m ever conscious about my breath too, so I always carry my brush n breath fresheners, I mean without a fresh mouth - no kissing please!

P.s I ve been accused of having affairs with dentists coz I have frequent visits for dental clean-ups!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD??? Yeah maybe, I'm even considered as a freak by some!

But I just wonder how many of you feel the same way about it too?

I mean research shows that more than a quarter of the world’s population suffer from bad breath. 

It's downright embarrassing for the one who has it.

If you Google on how to stop bad breath you will find that there is "no-cure at all" for it. However most dentists suggest easy ways to combat or minimize it.

 1. Try a Tongue Scraper

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As you grow older you will find that after you eat your tongue sometimes get covered by a white film.

This film or food debris causes foul breath. 

After a good brushing, it's a great choice to clean your tongue by scraping it with a scraper or there are some brushes that come with a scraper at the back of the brush like this:

reach toothbrush with tongue cleaner Promotions

 2. Flossing is key!

Eating meat, sugary stuff, fibrous veggies and fruits leave bits of food wedged in-between your teeth, that brushing alone can' t reach. 

Flossing does a great deal of benefit for your oral hygiene, not to mention it's job of eliminating bad breath.

Ideally brush and floss everyday but take care not to hurt or damage your gums.

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3. Go for routine Dental Check-ups.

It's good to go see your dentist, at least in every 3 months. Your oral hygiene plays an incredible role in keeping you healthy - all your food and liquids go through your mouth to the rest of your body.

Dentists advise to go for a routine scaling of your teeth as this helps reduce build up of plaque and tartar , which can cause diseases as well as elevate your bad breath.

Well there you have it! 

Try maintaining these tips and routines and soon you will be more confident in being around people, without having feelings of inadequacy.  

I usually keep mint chewing gums just in case if I feel a whiff myself.

I hope you continue with your love of kissing and indulge in whatever oral pleasures you have missed on!

Keep crushing it! Keep brushing it!




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