How to eat out while staying fit.

How to eat out while staying fit.

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How do you stop yourself from overeating when eating out?

After being asked if I was expecting, by several friends and family, I felt so bad about my body. 

My midsection looked so bloated that I started wearing loose fitting clothes which made me look more heftier than I really was.

When people stare at my body, I glare and I'm like - Stop looking at me! It's none of your business!

It made me feel insulted and sad, but l knew I really had to quit the late night snacking while watching movies, after work every night.


I tried really hard to break this bad habit by dieting. But dieting alone didn't seem to bring any visible results.

So I joined a gym with a fierce determination to exercise everyday. 

It's been almost 20 weeks since, and I've been following a low carb, low fat and low sugar diet. What more I have been doing some sort of exercise almost everyday. 

Now by some sort of exercise I mean like walking, swimming or even dancing to music alone in my room. During this getting fit short journey of mine, I got to know that my body can't handle strenuous exercise every day of the week.

So instead I slowed things down a bit because I had life besides being obsessed with my fatness. I had my job and partner to think about, not in that order but I just don't like going crazy over fitness.

I take my time to relax and rest too you know.

Discipling and staying motivated to workout often takes time and a great deal of positive self-talk and self-motivation.

Restraining myself from mouth watering food was and now even, takes a lot of strong will.

I love desserts and all kinds of comfort food accompanied by thick shakes. 

I didn't want to ruin all my hard work, so I asked around how I can stop my craving for overindulgence?

And then I found this little piece of advice, that seems to work for me.

Always carry a bottle of water with you: in your bag, at work, at gym and at your bedside. 

Nothing fills your tummy more while giving you zero calories than water and believe me it helped me shed away the fats.

1.5-2 Litres a day of water helps keep my system clean, flush out loads of toxin from my body not to mention the boost in my mood and metabolism.  

Due to my working schedule I'm out and about during most part of my work day and I have to eat out.

And here are 3 easy steps to practice while eating out!

TIP #1 So here is what I do before I start every meal, I drink a tall glass of water before the food arrive.⁣ It quenches my thirst and because my tummy feels less empty it helps curb my food craving. 

TIP #2 This might sound crazy but I order a healthy, low calorie small salad, as an appetizer to fill me up before my main dish, during lunch or early dinner.

TIP #3 When I say main dish you might wonder if it's something heavy, fried, cheesy and fat laden. Hehe no! I scan the menu items for protein rich, carbs high in fiber but low in calories and I always go for flavourful choices - could never settle for bland healthy meals.

This works for me and I keep continuing to see good results. I love how my body has responded to my efforts and I don't intend to disappoint it again through my own negligence.

But at the same time I don't want to be a complete servant of my body either - at least not all the way.

So don't be too surprised if you catch me indulging all by myself - a large Oreo-Coffee-Milkshake with loads of whipped cream, on a night out with my friends.


Well, I tell myself "You need to treat yourself for all that hard work, once in a while!"

Peace out - stay fit!



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