Immunity can be best described as a state of being resistant to something. 
Which simply means it's a defense mechanism in our body that fight against infectious diseases - a wall to protect against external pathogens and their harmful effects. 
Without such a process called immunity, almost all other parts of our body, including our hair, are at high risk of contracting disease.

Our immune system is designed to fight off invasive pathogens.  But if those pathogens can penetrate, then at that time, our immune system will not be able to do its job correctly. 

What happens when our immune system is weakened? 

How does a weakened immune system affect hair loss? 

What can you do to prevent it?  

Many young people today are experiencing a process called "hair loss."  There are various reasons for this. 

Weakening your immune system or having a weakened immune system affects not only the hair but also your overall health system. 

We are susceptible to all kinds of diseases and infections due to low immunity. 

In such a scenario, we are more prone to viral infections and can quickly get sick, and this indirectly affects the health of our hair.

You must have noticed that after a bad case of an infection or flu you tend to experience thinning hair as well as hair loss.

These are autoimmune reactions.  This means that sometimes, our body's immune system attacks the body's cells incorrectly.  This, in addition to other problems, can lead to skin damage that causes hair loss. 

It's a common condition called alopecia areata. 

The hair cells in alopecia areata attack our body and cause hair loss. This can cause some people to lose their hair as "patches" over a limited area. 

Most people develop hair loss over a year, and for some people, the problem can be severe and can last a long time. 

This process can sometimes lead to complete baldness.

When it comes to hair loss, genetics has always been an essential factor. 

Most people under the age of 30 have been found with alopecia areata. This or a similar type of problem has also been diagnosed among at least one family member.

It's easy to understand that if our immune system is weak, we can be affected by any disease. And if you are a person who has been experiencing significant  hair loss or baldness recently, there may be several reasons underlying this.

It's always best to seek professional help and get yourself tested properly.

If the cause of your hair loss is a weakened immune system or an autoimmune disorder, a thorough diagnosis should be made.

Also, you need to take care of your diet and develop immunity. 

Our inactive lifestyles, poor eating habits, insomnia, alcohol or drug use, and regular consumption of starchy foods are significant causes of low immunity. 

But if you have a genetic history of hair loss or baldness chances are there aren't many solutions to it.  

What you can do is make use of Modern medicine and technology - such as hair transplant! 



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